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Meet your new favourite font editor: Microsoft Excel

Do you fancy having a go at designing bitmap fonts but don’t know where to begin or what software to use? Then why not try Microsoft Excel! With a bit of Python, and an Excel workbook, you too can create bitmap fonts suitable for use in your applications! The worksheet First things first. We need […]

Amiga Bitmap Fonts Python

Scripting in Converting Amiga Bitmap Fonts

Way back in the 1990s, I created a few bitmap fonts on the Commodore Amiga, notably Webcleaner, a set of fonts for early web browsers. Technology moves on, and I was concerned that my handiwork would be lost forever. Could they be revived to live another day? Thus began a deep dive into the Amiga […]

Fontlab Python

Fixing pip installation errors in Fontlab 7

When trying to run “Install/Update Scripts” in Fontlab 7, you may experience one of the following issues: Installation fails with a “Cannot install pip” error message Installation of pip may appear to be successful but a restart of Fontlab prompts the user to install pip again These errors kept cropping up for me on Macs […]